I took the AT2020USBi microphone,
ATH-M40x headphones, and my MacBook on a field trip for some
portable recording tonight. I fit the recording outfit easily in my back
pack and traveled to my parents house. My parents are both in their later
years of life and I wanted to record them reciting a prayer they taught
me as a kid. The prayer is an old Catholic meditation called the Rosary.

I arrived at my folks house and I setup the AT2020USBi microphone
and MacBook on the coffee table. I angled the front of microphone
slightly up and toward my sitting parents. The microphone is located
on the coffee table between my parents and about three feet distance from
them on the couch. Fortunately the AT2020USBi has a built in
preamplifier with an adjustable dial because my parents speak softly.
I turned the preamplifier all the way up and recorded my parents praying
for about twenty minutes.

I recorded high resolution 96k sampling rate and 24 bit depth.
After the prayer was finished I listened back to the take on the
ATH-M40x headphones and was very pleased with the results. The
AT2020USBi microphone captures very accurately the sound of my parents
voice. Closing my eyes I felt as if the prayer was being prayed again,
live. I gave the headphones to my Mom and my Dad to listen to the
playback and they both nodded with approval. I plan on giving a copy
of the recorded prayer to each of my siblings for Christmas.

A big Thank You to Performer Magazine and Audio-Technica for making this
Torbin Harding


Today I am testing the AT2020USBi with my MacBook OSX 10.2 and MOTU's
Digital Performer 7.2 as my DAW(Digital Audio Workstation).
Plug the AT2020USBi into the USB port on my Mac and select the AT2020USBi
in the computer system preferences for audio input and I am ready to go.

I open Digital Performer and run into a little roadblock having never
used a USB mic before. I am getting about a half second of latency
through the built in output listening with ATH-M40x headphones.
A quick call to Digital Performer's local Cambridge, MA Tech Support
sets me straight in about two minutes.

This is what I learned, in the setup menu choose configure hardware
driver. Highlight both built in output and AT2020USBi input and click
apply settings. Then to decrease latency while recording, go to
setup menu again then configure hardware driver. Lower the buffer
size for tracking, in my case I set it to 126. Remember regarding buffer
size lower values for tracking and higher values for mixing.

Now I am recording multiple tracks of acoustic guitar into Digital
Performer at 96k sampling rate and 24 bit depth. No latency. This
microphone sounds great. Very clear and full sound.

The more I work with this Audio-Technica recording bundle the
more I am pleased. The AT2020USBi microphone and ATH-M40x headphones
are a great pair. High quality recording and very enjoyable
listening on the go! Portable recording bundle by Audio-Technica!

Sincerely, Torbin


Today I recorded more with the Audio-Technica AT2020USBi microphone and my
iPhone six. I am working with the MultiTrack DAW app by Harmonicdog.
This app records audio up to 96k sampling rate and 24
bit depth. This sampling rate and bit depth matches the AT2020USBi microphone.

I recorded a bongo track with the AT2020USBi about one foot away from
the center of the top of the bongo heads. Then I recorded two nylon
string classical guitar tracks, a rhythm track and a melodic
lead track, both with the front of the AT2020USBi mic about one
foot away from the sound hole.

My first impression of the bongos is that they sound natural. Often
percussion and drums recorded digitally sound harsh to my ears.
The AT2020USBi produces a pleasing representation of the low notes on
the bongo and a nice clear slap of the higher pitched bongo. The guitars
sound great, with a full body to the chords of the rhythm track and
great clarity to the high notes of the lead guitar. This microphone has
a mellow rounded sound. I am very happy with the sound of this
initial test recording.

I also have to say that I am very pleased with how quick to setup
this recording process is. Literally plug the AT2020USBi into
my phone with ATH-M40x headphones and I am recording in seconds. Zero
waiting time to record my ideas with high resolution audio. More to come...

Sincerely, Torbin

In This picture you see the AT2020USBi cardioid condenser microphone plugged
into my iPhone 6 using a lighting cable. I am using Grifffin's iTalk recording app.
Notice the blue light on the front of the microphone signaling the mic
is receiving power from the iphone.

The first thing I have to say about
The AT2020USBi mic is, it's easy to setup. Just plug and play. Assemble
the tripod and mount. Screw the microphone into the mount. Plug
the Micro-HDMI end of the connector cable into the bottom of the
microphone and plug the other side into the lighting connector on your
iPhone. The AT2020USBi replaces the iPhone built in microphone when
you connect it to your lightning port. The iPhone instinctively
switches it's built in microphone off.

The AT2020USBi microphone has a
built in preamp with a volume dial on the front of the mic. You increase
gain by dialing to the right and decrease by dialing to the left.
This way you can achieve an optimum recording level. How cool is that?
The AT2020USBi also has a built in analog to digital converter.
You do not need an interface. Again just plug and record.

The built in A/D converts high resolution digital audio up to 96k sampling rate and
24 bit depth. Although the Griffin iTalk app only records at 44.1k
sampling rate and 16 bit depth, it is still a good app that I use all
the time. I will test with higher resolution recording on my
computer or consider recording with a different app in the future.

Right now I am recording some voice, talking and light singing and the
AT2020USBi sounds great! Very Clear. Perfect for
recording on the go and Podcasting. More to come... Sincerely, Torbin

Audio-Technica AT2020USBi Page


In this picture you see the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones open
box. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones are
comfortable and balanced on my head, they stay on my ears and do not slide
down. I love the sound and feel of these headphones. They have terrific
sound quality, true reproduction of the music and great bass response.

The closed back style and snug fit keeps bleed through when tracking
to a minimum. I don't worry about the click track bleeding through the
headphones into the drum microphones with these headphones. It's great
that AT provides two cables one straight and one coiled. I prefer
the coiled cable while tracking guitar and bass because the cord tucks
nicely under my strap. Lo-zrecords house drummer, Daniel Lapensee
prefers tracking with the straight cord because he can wear it easily
behind his back.

So far I have been enjoying listening to Reggae music
with the ATH-M40x's. I have been studying guitar for a show I am
playing with legendary Boston Caribbean band Hot Like Fire. I
like how the ATH-M40x headphones allow for the earcups to fold out. This
way I can listen to a song with one ear and hear my guitar with the
other ear. I love these new ATH-M40x headphones. More to come...
Sincerely, Torbin

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Page



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