Leopard Onion Pelt-Matthew M.K. Hopewell

Joker is the one.
Who controls all the souls of the children of the sun.
He meets here regularly,
praising all the spirits of deceased mugs of coffee.
How Our Sessions drag on,
sipping snifters of eternity till the timelessness is gone.
His wrists turn inside out,
eyes bulging with delirium phallic candles burn & we hear him shout.
That his throne is won,
his pigs are fed his mother's dead & he's the only son.
His badge is on his belt
his horses scream at the stream of the
leopard onion pelt.
Of the leopard onion pelt.

Definitely Love-Torbin Harding

It was a lovely conversation we enjoyed together.
It must be providence, our love will last forever.
And the nighttime is so cold, when you are away.
From now on we stay side by side, each and everyday.
Definitely Love.

On a winters night, the sky is so clear.
The stars are shining bright, a million light years from here.
The tears that we shared, didn't last too long.
Our love will endure, and go on and on.
Definitely Love

Planes & Bombs - Aslan King

In the wonderous world of the East in the Middle
a car bomb exploded with the sound of a riddle.
When powerful nations over the globe
are fighting for oil who dies in control.
This riddle was asked while far across the ocean
some planes hit some towers creating some commotion.
As thousands died in fire and debris
an army amassed and set off across the sea.
And they shocked and they awed displaying sound reason
and fox news filmed and people believed em.
And blood lines were erased and families died
And homes were left empty due to people who died.
Some flags disappeared but alot remained
And the wars kept raging with more dead & more maimed.
And the bombs they were smart but how smart could they be
when civillians & children were the main casualties.
& Freedoms not free we all know this fact
But thats not consolation to those alone in Iraq.
& They've lost their homes, their parents, their siblings
In a convoluted war that birthed these misgivings.
And i hope for the future my daughter & so on
but my faith is like a flag & thats one to grow on.